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  • What is Concrete cooling system_ What does it do

    Concrete cooling system is a kind of equipment or technology used to control the temperature of concrete. During concrete construction, temperature control is very important because high temperatures may cause problems such as premature drying, cracking or loss of strength of the concrete. The main objective of a concrete cooling system is to ensure the ideal conditions for hardening and strength development during construction by controlling the temperature of the concrete. Here are some common concrete cooling systems:   Cooling water system: This system uses cooling water to regulate the temperature of the concrete. Cooling water can be sprayed on…

  • Sunmmer is here, do you want to build a summer resort

    Summer is approaching, today I will recommend a summer resort - Ice and Snow Park. In the ice and snow park, there are ski resorts, ice rinks, curling rinks, ice sculpture exhibition areas, snow falling areas, parent-child interaction areas, etc. Here, you can not only avoid the high heat, but also experience the fun of ice and snow. Focusun provides a complete set of indoor snow park construction services. In addition to the park construction, we can also provide services such as project background analysis, financial calculation, risk control and prevention. Next, I will give you a specific introduction to the construction…

  • Snow falling machine

    A New Type Snow Machine: Can Fall Snow Like Natural Snow! In recent years, snow falling machines have increasingly appeared in some ice and snow parks, and have been popular with tourists. Why is snow falling machine so popular? What is the difference between it and the ordinary snow machine? Firstly, the snow falling machine adopts excellent snowflake clutch technology to form artificial snow. Artificial snow feels cold and looks like natural snow. It can achieve the falling effect of natural snowflakes. Secondly, the snow falling machine adopts Freon compression direct cooling technology, which can make snow quickly and evenly without storing snow…

  • How much do you know about water chiller

    Water chiller is a refrigeration device that provides constant temperature, constant flow, and constant pressure cooling water. It absorbs indoor heat by circulating the refrigerant in the refrigeration system and releases the heat outdoors through the coolant. Water chiller is different from general water cooling equipment in that it has a completely independent refrigeration system that is never affected by gas temperature or the environment. The water temperature can be adjusted and controlled, thus achieving high-precision and high-efficiency temperature control. The water chiller is equipped with an independent water circulation system, and the water inside the chiller can be recycled to save…

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